Project Constraints

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In my last post, we took a look at the project’s budget and settled on a $2000 base set of funds with a +25% buffer conditioned on showing that the additional funds will be a final contribution to get started and will result in a fully-launched business. We laid out the loose set of conditions that would need to be met in order to access those additional funds to help us remove emotion from the picture and focus purely on the goal ahead. With our budget constraint set, let’s now focus our attention on other constraints.

I won’t dwell on the obvious constraints (legal, ethical, moral, etc), but instead on the constraints I feel will further define the scope of this entrepreneurial project and my personal requirements. Fortunately (or unfortunately), our limited budget will set a lot of constraints for us, but we should cover them here regardless because there may be some valuable insights we can glean from them.

  • This business cannot compete in any way against my employer. If you’ve read my background <link: introduction> you’ll recall that I have a two week stint where I’ll be fully unemployed and have no company to compete against. However, my intent is to run this business beyond the two week time frame that I’ve given myself, so that will be out of the question. Fortunately, it’s very hard to start anything in aerospace <link: about me>for the budget I have.
  • Ideally, this business will be controlled and operated by just me. I do see where contract work could come in handy, most day-to-day work and setup would be handled by myself. I don’t plan on hiring anyone as a W-2 at any point in this process.
  • This business should be run from my home. I don’t want to get involved commercial real estate unless the business can sustain such expenses for a period of time and there is a justifiable business need for expansion. I would consider storage units as a possible exception initially.
  • After being set up, this business should require minimal input day-to-day. As mentioned previously, I fully intend to keep this business running long after my two-week start up phase has ended. With a full-time corporate job that often requires 50+ hours a week, I’ll need to be able to squeeze in work needed along the periphery of my day and weekends.

So far, those are the self-imposed constraints that I can think of. I’m entirely confident I will run into other constraints along the way and I will do my best to highlight them as we go along.

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