Project Constraints

In my last post, we took a look at the project’s budget and settled on a $2000 base set of funds with a +25% buffer conditioned on showing that the additional funds will be a final contribution to get started and will result in a fully-launched business. We laid out the loose set of conditions… Read more Project Constraints

Project Budget

Engineering project management courses drill into you that for a project to succeed you had to have the three legs of the project management triangle defined and controlled: budget, schedule, scope. An imperfect model as it may be, we will use this idea to analyze the project and move towards our goals. The astute readers… Read more Project Budget


Welcome to 2weeks2launch, a journal of my entrepreneurial self-challenge to launch a business in two weeks or less! If you’re new here, check out my background <link> and learn where this whole mess came about. The tldr; version is this: in a few short weeks I’m leaving my current corporate job for another (sigh), but… Read more Welcome!

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